In the news: James Cochran is representing South East on BBC2's Great British Menu


Additional Information

Q: What’s the deal? Why are you even doing this?

A: Over an almost three-year period, together with chef James Cochran, we questioned what people really want from food outlets and hospitality today. We tested it all; from ‘fine dining’ seven-course tasting menus to downhome comfort food—all in the same venues. And we’ve distilled it to the essence. Based on extensive testing, what most diners in this market want is affordable, accessible food with a contemporary culinary flair and an interesting heritage. Similarly, what most hospitality businesses are looking for is satisfaction for their patrons in a way that is hassle-free, proven and replicable.

The James CochranⓇ brand of quality comfort food ticks all of these boxes. With its Scottish-Caribbean fusion, its heritage is second to none. The focus is on delicious, creative recipes with a comfort food bias. It is simultaneously credible in culinary terms, yet without snobbery—how could it not be with these two cultural reference points?

Q: Is this a kind of franchise?

A: No. Unlike a franchise, you are not required to change your own business branding, conform to franchise guidelines, to share a percentage of profits, to buy ingredients from us or do many of the things often required by a franchise agreement. It is a license for the recipes and to use the name and associated branding in a way that you find useful for your own business. You can use the recipes without the brand name or branding—but you cannot claim that they have been created by your business. 

The aspects that are similar to a franchise are that we will provide you with recommended suppliers of ingredients and will additionally offer particular pre-prepared components of the recipes or the full supply chain service to those who wish to order them for convenience. 

Q: Why should I pay to use these recipes and the James CochranⓇ brand name?

A: There’s a reason that practically every European supermarket chain pays chefs who appear on television to create recipes for them. Despite buzzwords like “social media” and “influencers”, television still remains the most evidence-based channel with proven ROI. In short, it gains a wider audience and brand credibility—check with Marketing Week if you don’t believe us.

The James CochranⓇ brand offers you an affordable route into this sphere. With his recent debut on UK television—on a channel known to export its programmes around the world—the James Cochran brand name is a plug ‘n play hospitality solution that is quality-backed by a judging panel drawn together by one of the world’s leading broadcasters.

So why should you pay for the recipes? Apart from the fact that they’re the delicious creations of one of the UK’s acclaimed culinary talents, we’ve selected recipes easily reproduced to the same top quality with even baseline hospitality resources. They please palettes time and time again. Stuck with a lacklustre kitchen staff in your pub? Or, finding it difficult to draw the crowds with your festival food truck menu? James CochranⓇ just made it a whole lot easier...

Q: I run a pub. I’ve been trying to get our kitchen in order, but it’s not easy. It sounds like this could be the solution to improving my food revenue. What do I do next?

A: Great. You might even be our ideal customer. We can help you effortlessly offer your patrons dishes crafted by one of Britain's most exciting emerging chefs; dishes that can be cooked to the same high standard by even a constantly changing kitchen team lacking experience and confidence. Fill in the form and one of our experienced advisors will be in touch.

Q: Do you supply any ingredients?

A: We can, but it it not a compulsory requirement. For example, a basic subscription plan gives you enough signature spice mix, low-gluten batter mix and signature Scotch Bonnet jam to make 100 portions of the signature chicken recipe. 

We offer scalable solutions that range from recommended suppliers’ contacts offered free of charge —more likely to be of use to outlets with high output— through to a one-stop solution in which all requirements (save for base meat, poultry or vegetable ingredients) are available directly from us. In other words, you can buy in at the level that suits your individual needs. 

Contact our advisors online with your query or give an outline of your needs and they will get back to you asap. 

Q: How much does it cost?

A: There is no upfront investment with a subscription—as there is with other franchise, service or licensing brands.  We ask pre-payment of the first three months of your subscription according to which simple plan you select. Subsequent payments will be taken quarterly in advance. If you would prefer to take it more cautiously or have any questions about the plans, please contact us via the contact form and one of our team will be in touch. 

Q: Can I cancel my subscription? 

A: In short, yes. Subscriptions are charged quarterly in advance. If you send us written (acceptable as email) notice of cancellation of your subscription at any point within 72 hours of the end of your active, prepaid subscription, this will act as notice of cancellation. You will not be charged for the subsequent quarter. In the event of cancellation, you will be free to use the name and branding of James CochranⓇ until the end of the prepaid quarter.

Q: What happens at the end of the subscription if I do nothing?

A: Unless you renew your subscription, you will lose your right to attribute the recipes and to use the James CochranⓇ brand name and branding collateral. You may lose the marketing advantage of offering dishes created by a television personality and will no longer be included on our list of outlets or PR & marketing strategy extended to all venues offering the brand. 

But the good news it you are still free to use the recipes as long as you do not associate them with the brand, neither the James CochranⓇ trademarked name nor state or imply that they have been created by your business.  

Should you fail to remove branding, collateral or content that is no longer licensed in a timely fashion—we will send you ample warning—we will bill you for the consecutive quarter and expect payment thereupon. 

Q: What are the other benefits of a subscription? 

A: In addition to inclusion as a named venue offering the brand in our general marketing and PR materials promoting the James CochranⓇ brand, we have tasked our PR & Comms agency with promoting venues and PR’ing the James CochranⓇ brand more broadly. You do the maths: early adopters are more likely to reap benefit for their individual venue than others. While the programme will continue, the more the number of subscribers, the less individual focus we can promise to any one locale.