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Our Signature Recipes


 Signature Jamaican Jerk Chicken. Marinaded in Buttermilk and Secret James Cochran® Spice Mix with Scotch Bonnet Jam and Micro Coriander


Soft In the Middle Scotch Egg wrapped in fiery N’Duja sausage sourced from artisanal producers. This is a guaranteedcrowd pleaser.


Irresistible Crispy Cauliflower with Yoghurt and Pomegranate seeds. This offers a desirable Vegetarian alternative to our ever popular chicken dish

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Single Recipe Licence grants you full rights to use James Cochran Trademark to promote a single dish from our catalogue on your menu.

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Exciting New Dishes

Our research and development work suggests that our signature dishes are true modern British classics.

Comprehensive Licence

As a full trademark holder we can offer our venue partners a peace of mind to build a marketing campaign around the James Cochran brand.

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One regular weekly payment gives you access to recipes, signature ingredients and support you need to make this a success

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We offer you a unique chance to participate in the extraordinary success of one talented chef.

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In-house menu development costs time and money.  This task is commonly outsourced. We offer a cost effective alternative.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Our Recipe Plans come with Signature Ingredients for 100 portions of Jerk Chicken. If these don't fly off your pass, we will refund your money.

James Cochran® - Case Studies


19 Bevis Marks wine bar has hosted James Cochran® brand since inception and earned loyalty of the discerning City crowd.  


At a recent Taste Of London 2018 festival in Regents Park, London the 3-Recipe Menu was a hit with the crowd, selling over £25,000 worth of Signature James Cochran® Jerk Chicken, Scotch Egg and Cauliflower in just 4 days! 

Media Testimonials

The Guardian

"Then there’s fried chicken, the kind of thing to have the Colonel grave-whirling like a jealous, frock-coated dervish. Its jerk-spiced crispness, its buttermilk-brined tenderness, the sting of scotch bonnet peppers tamed into some kind of fiery-mellow preserve, the popcorny crunch of toasted maize. I’m writing this from the confines of a Bavarian fasting spa and the recollection of that chicken is bringing me close to tears."

Evening Standard

"We start with Jamaican jerk buttermilk chicken, something I do again when back for dinner because it is the best fried chicken — better even than at Chick’n’Sours – with its meat agreeably pugnacious from the marinade and maybe also brining, and the crisp corn shell secreting scotch bonnet chilli jam with heat that steals up on you, slowly detonating but not destroying"

The Sunday Times

"Big claim here, but some of the Best Ever jerk chicken. So crisp, so juicy."

Time Out

"Order the jerk buttermilk fried chicken with just the right balance of scotch bonnet heat and coriander coolness – get two portions if possible"